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25 Series 37-42 HP

25 SERIES Features

Low Profile - The 25 Series tractors are only 96" tall at the top of the roll bar but still covers 13" of ground clearance making this unit very maneuverable in tight areas.

Hydrostatic Steering - Allows more control if obstacles are hit with the tire, no mechanical parts to wear out.

Dual Hydraulic Pumps - Much smoother operation of the front end loader and the hydrostatic steering-each has its own dedicated pumps. Most economy tractor models use just one pump, which is cheaper to produce.

Two Transmission Options - Offered with a 12 x 12 synchronized transmission with shuttle or our new Hydro-Max hydrostatic transmission.

Cast Iron Rear End And Transmission Housings - It does NO good to have horsepower and not be able to transmit the power to the rear wheels. Cast iron is the best and strongest material however it is more expensive to produce. The wonderful thing about Branson is that you get cast iron on all Branson Tractor models.

Metal Hood, Fenders With Powder Coat Paint Finish - One piece metal hood raised by dual gas struts secured with a positive lock latch. Powder coat finish prevents UV damage to the paint, bringing longevity to the look of the unit. Steel, unlike fiberglass or plastic, will not crack in cold climates.

Wet Disc Brakes - Like our larger tractors, these models come standard with wet disc brakes. The advantage of wet disc brakes is very simple, they are in a protected environment and the brake discs are running in hydraulic fluid.

Independent PTO - The most expensive and most sought after PTO function is independent. All of the larger horsepower utility tractors use independent PTO. Independent PTO gives the operator much more control over his PTO function, plus it reduces the chance of the operator burning out his clutch because he no longer needs to engage the clutch pedal to control his PTO function. However, we went the extra mile and for those customers who want to stop the PTO with the clutch, they can do so by switching to the link position on the tractor's PTO function switch.

Category 1 Rear 3 PT Hitch - Standard category 1 rear 3 pt hitch allows the operator a host of attachments that can be easily mounted.

New Cabs - The cabs on the 25 Series tractor are newly designed, bigger for more visibility and operator space. The new cabs feature deluxe heat and air conditioning and other amenities to add to the operator's comfort.

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