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There are so many brands-how do I choose?

This is a great question, but it can get rather complicated.  The absolute worst thing you can do is to pick a brand based upon its popularity 20 years ago and assume it is still a top brand.  As the government has become involved with farm tractors the response from different tractor companies has varied widely.  As economic factors (primarily steel)have become more pressing there has been a wide spread response to create lighter tractors.  Given these facts you really need to do some research!

If your overriding issue is price then skip the research and shop price.  Then hope the tractor is capable of doing what you want to accomplish.  

If like most people you need a capable tractor at a good price then I recommend the following.  Assume all tractors are white in color and have no brands.  Look at the data that determines the real ability of the tractor to accomplish work.  8 really good things to look at are:

1.  The tractor and loader weight - Weight determines your ability to transfer energy into the ground and therefore is critical in determining how much work can be accomplished.

2.  The height of the loader - This often determines which tasks can and cannot be done with a particular tractor.

3.  The loader lift capacity -  This often detemines success or failure when dealing with heavy loads on the front of the tractor.

4.  Hydraulic system flow in GPM's - this (along with PSI) determines the max. amount of work that can be done with hydraulic implements.

5.  3 point hitch lift capacity - important for lifting heavy rear implements

6.  PTO HP - How much does it drop off versus the engine horsepower.  A more subtle but important point.  This can limit your implement capacity.

7.  Tier 4 emisison systems -  This one is very complicated and may require the use of an expert.  Different systems run differently and have strongly different requirements like  whether the tractor has to sit still or can be run while it is burning the emissions trapped in the DPF.  

8.  Does the loader have a universal style quick attach or is it designed to make you come back to there brand?  Limited competetion will always result in higher prices.

After you pick based upon these concepts factor in price and make the best comprise your budget allows.  

I fully expect you will probably love your new tractor if you follow this formula!

Do you carry loader mounted hydraulic cutters?

Yes, we carry a couple of brands of these type implements.  We are an authorized dealer for Limb Ninja as well as the Trail Blazer - ONE by Titan.  Since we carry both of the major styles of these attachements we can be your one stop shop if these are on your list.

Hydraulic Driven Attachments - Grapples, Hydraulic Chain Saw Attachments - do you carry these?

I just bought a grapple.  What do I need to do to my tractor to make this thing work?

How does a  third function help with attaching a grapple?  

Is there such a thing as a hydraulic chain saw attachment on a tractor?

Yes, there are all kinds of hydraulic driven attachments available that can be mounted to your bucket or a mount plate to fit your front end loader.  Sickle bars, chain saws, grapples, etc. are available but not widely stocked.  Check out the internet and you can see a sampling there.

The question of how you power these implements is fairly interesting.  Since tractors do not routinely come out with hydraulic remotes on the front (at least smaller tractors anyway)  you will need to modify the tractor to get power.  While there are variations most of the solutions tend to fall within three general categories.

The cheapest and easiest to install is to run long hydraulic hoses from your rear remotes down the frame of the tractor and secure at the front fore arm of the loader.  You can purchase the hoses by the foot from several sources. This works Ok but will always require you to move back and forth between your loader controller and your rear remote controller.  Also depending upon the path you pick routing the lines down the tractor frame and loader it is a little more susceptible to brush damage.

The second method is a valve often called a third function valve which you spice into your existing loader lines.  This is more convenient because you can mount this to your loader controller and have everything in the same place. The major drawback is that it costs within a couple of hundred dollars of what a live front remote costs, but has the drawback of not allowing you to lift, curl, and close your grapple at the same time.  A live front remote has the advantages of being able to lift, curl, and close at the same time plus works well for all hydraulic implements that normally get mounted at the front of the loader.

Do you have financing available available for tractors or mowers?

Tractors Unlimited has multiple financing options on both tractors and mowers.  Your credit score necessary to qualify for various programs varies depending upon the finance company and any specific incentives that are running at the time.  It is best to sit down and discuss this when you are ready or nearly ready to make your purchase.

Do you pick up/deliver non-running equipment?

Tractors Unlimited has two delivery trucks with multiple trailers that are capable of picking up any mower we sell and most tractors up to about 100 HP whether running or not. We can also arrange pickup/delivery for bigger tractors through our vendor base.

Do you take trade-ins?

Tractors Unlimited takes trade in on most model tractors. We also take zero turn style mowers in on trade when we sell mowers.  If you check our Specials section of the website you can see some of our recent trade-ins under the used equipment tab.

Do you offer forestry mulchers, stump grinders, or PTO driven generators for sale?

Tractors Unlimited has access to most specialty pieces of equipment through our vendor base.  Several of these items are not routinely stocked.  We can get you quotes and specifications on most items, but some will only be available by special order.

Do you offer package deals?

Tractors Unlimited runs tractor package specials in various media on a routine basis.  You can see what is running currently in our specials sections of the website. Much more importantly we have figured out that tractor package specials are part intuition and part monetary science.  This means it is almost impossible to guess what everyone wants but it is possible to create a discounting formula that determines pricing in the adds.  Once we figured that out it became easy to write custom quotes based upon the actual tractor and equipment you want with pricing that would give the same % level of discount that you would see if your chosen package were running on TV or in the paper.  Let us write you a custom quote today!

I don't know what size implement I need to go with my tractor...

I have an HP tractor.  What size brush cutter do I need to go with that tractor?

I want to pull a 7' bush hog but I have a 35 Hp tractor.  Can you help me?

Will my tractor pull a 6' disc?

We get these type questions all the time, so don't hesitate to ask.  We help people correctly size implements to tractors on a daily basis.  While some answers are obvious (see the 7' bush hog question above) it is actually necessary to understand the owner's situation in order to give them the correct answer.  Once you understand what they are doing and what the terrain and size of the property is we can usually guide them to an answer that will work long term.

Do your Tier IV Tractors require DEF?

Neither brand we carry requires DEF on their tractors sized below 80 HP.  At 84 HP and above the tractors do require DEF.

Hydrostatic transmissions - do they overheat and tear up a lot?

In reality, our shop works on 4 clutch model tractors for every 1 hydrostat that needs work.  With that being said this is actually a more complicated question than it first appears.  The actual answer to this question varies depending upon how you will use the tractor and for what purpose.  In general, gear type tractors have more consistent power and are great for long hours of doing the same task.  A good example would be mowing for eight straight hours.  Hydrostats tend to be much faster in situations involving a lot of close back and forth work in a smaller space.  The 30% quicker speed in tight quarters combined with multiple operators is why landscapers tend to buy more hydrostats.  Using pallet forks for loading and unloading tends to go much better with a hydrostat. Tractors come in a variety of sizes and options because the owners and their situations differ.  There is no one best answer without understanding the owner's desires and work situation.

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