X4 Utility Tractors
           X4 Series Highlights
  • These are tractors that range in HP from 61HP
    up to 101HP.
  • The X4 lineup have Deutz 4 cylinder liquid cooled
    diesel engines. They are Tier 4 compliant and
    have a “No Maintenance” emissions system.
  • The X4 models feature a single piece hood that
    opens easily to grant full access to the engine
  • The X4 models transmission options include a
    12x12 shuttle with 4 gears and 3 ranges, synchro
    or power shuttle, optional 2-speed power shift,
    and optional creeper.
  • These tractors can be configured with 2WD or
    4WD front axle, open station ROPS, or enclosed
  • All X4 series tractors include both a 540 and
    1000 RPM PTO as standard equipment to drive a
    wide variety of implements. The PTO can be
    controlled from the operator’s seat or from the
    fender by buttons mounted there.
  • The X4 series incorporates a very capable open
    center hydraulic system with 2 engine-driven
    pumps externally mounted for easy service and
  • All X4 models come with 2 rear remote valves
    and a 3rd valve is optional.
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  • McCormick Tractors have historical roots in America and have always been associated with power, innovative technology, and
    exclusive design. They stand out for their true automotive comfort and outstanding performance.
  • The models range from 25 HP up to 225HP.
  • McCormick aims to offer products that meet customer needs around the world using the latest production techniques and
    features that operators can use to increase productivity and maximize efficiency under all types of operating environments.
  • McCormick communications have taken a leap forward into the digital age.  Tractor owners can now connect digitally to the
    McCormick Digital Library with a free app for Android or Apple products. The digital library contains brochures, a company
    profile, and McCormick Magazine as well as multimedia content including video clips, images, and technical data sheets.
X1 Compact Tractors
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          X1 Series Highlights
  • Available as a 35hp (X1.35) or a 47hp(X1.45)
  • These models feature a Cat.1 rear 3-point hitch
    with position control for operating a wide variety
    of mounted rear implements. The hitch has a
    lifting capacity of over 3300 lbs to handle the
    heaviest tools. Telescopic stabilizers allow the
    operator to control implement sway, and
    telescopic ball ends make connecting
    implements a breeze.
  • All models feature an independent rear PTO
    system with both 540 and 540e speeds
    standard.  The 540e speed reduces the engine
    RPM in low power requirements to save fuel and
    lower noise levels.
  • The open operator’s station has a flat foot deck
    with thick rubber mat to provide traction and
    reduce chassis noise.  Foot steps and grab
    handles on either side provide safe entry and a
    folding ROPS allows the tractor to work or park in
    height restricted areas. The comfortable
    suspended vinyl seat has a retractable seatbelt
    for safety, and the tilt steering wheel
    accommodates many body types.  Controls are
    intuitively laid out for easy operation.  The front
    dash keeps the operator informed of the tractor’s
    performance.  The operator sits up high and has
    good visibility in all directions.
  • The X1.45 model is available in an enclosed cab
    for a comfortable environment sealed from the
    outside elements. It features 2 doors for entry/exit
    from either side. HVAC system keeps the inside
    temperature comfortable and dry in all weather
    conditions. The rear window opens for ventilation
    when desired.  A rear wiper is included as
    standard equipment.  Right and left external
    mirrors improve visibility and roofline work lights
    in the front and rear let the machine work in the
    dark.  Heavy base machine weight ensures
    stability and requires adding less ballast for
    loader work.
Tractors Unlimited is the Mississippi dealer for McCormick Tractors.  We provide sales, service, warranty and parts for McCormick Tractors. We are located in Hattiesburg and
serve the entire state of MS including the cities of Gulfport, Biloxi, Pascagoula, Picayune, Laurel, Vicksburg, Meridian, Greenville, Columbus, Oxford, Southhaven and Tupelo.